Top 5 Reasons to Book a Mini Session

Wondering if a mini session is right for you?

Excited to share the top 5 reasons I believe mini sessions may be a great opportunity for you!


Mini Sessions are a great way to document this time in your life! Perfect to update the family photo or for couples who may be celebrating an anniversary, engagement or just because! Expecting a little one? Celebrating a graduating senior or a tween growing up too fast? Mini sessions are perfect way to preserve any milestone.


Mini Sessions are 20 - 30 minutes. It will go by so fast no one has time to feel awkward in front of the camera. :) It is perfect amount of time to capture some great shots and hold the attention span of the littles ones and the big ones. Great option for those busy schedules.


A Mini Session includes your session fee and one matted 8x10 portrait of your choice. It is an affordable option to update your portraits and to build your collection of images for each year! And just like a full session additional products are available for purchase. 


Mini Sessions are a great way to have up to date portraits of your family or loved ones in a relaxed setting. Mini Sessions are held yearly; you can easily and capture your family as they change and grow over the years. It is a great way to get a headstart on your Christmas card. ;)

5. FUN

Mini sessions are short and sweet and the focus is on having fun while creating memories with those you love!

Interested in booking a mini session? Click here to contact me today for more information. 



Fall Bucket List 2016

Happy fall y'all!



Well our leaves have not started to turn yet but the temperature is starting to cool down. Time to make the bucket list for fall!

  • Visit a pumpkin patch
  • Decorate a pumpkin
  • See an outdoor movie
  • Bake pumpkin bread and share
  • Visit the NC mountains to see the leaves changing colors
  • Go on a picnic
  • Break out the crockpot
  • Try a new recipe
  • Make s'mores in backyard campfire
  • Get a new fall scented candle
  • Make homemade cider and cocoa
  • Go to farmers market

What are your favorite things to do in the fall? Anything I should add to the the list? Love to check out your fall bucket list. Post the link in the comments below. 

<3 Jamie

Weekend Snapshot Wednesday #3

  This weekend we worked on projects around the house which mainly included cleaning up debris from these summer thunderstorms we have had almost daily. Some people whistle while they work but I take pictures. Should I mention I can't whistle?

Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 6

A zinnia bud is just as beautiful to me as the bloom! 

Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 6

Bee with a full pollen sac enjoying this bloom. I wish they would help me weed.

Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 6

Weekly hive check! Another good week. All seem healthy and happy.

Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 6

I spy purple honey. Wonder where that came from? Sometimes when pulling frames an edge of the comb may tear slightly if it was connected to the hive. This honey leaked from the comb during our inspection. 

Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 6

What is a weekend without a little relaxation!

I love my dslr but still enjoying using my iPhone camera. Sometimes the best camera you have is the one that is with you. So easy to document your days and practice capturing the light! 

How did you spend your weekend? Love to see. Share your snapshots below or post a link so we can check them out. 


Weekend Snapshot Wednesday

This is not a typical North Carolina spring this year considering it is nearing the end of May and the temps are cool and the rain just keeps coming.  This past week and weekend was a wet one! I was thankful to see that ball of fire in the sky but it came with a few heavy down pours. So couldn't help but snap a couple photos with sun flares. 

Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 6

Enjoyed spending time with a great friend visiting from Mississippi this weekend and glad she was able to get a glimpse of her Alma Mater with a Carolina blue sky! 


Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 6

Did you document your weekend? Love to see your snapshots! Please post your snapshots or add a link for us to check them out in the comments below. 

Weekend Snapshot Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!  

What is a better way to get through the work week then to share a couple snapshots from the weekend.  


Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 6

While I was doing some location scouting this weekend this little guy decided he wanted to come and sit for a spell. I think he wanted to make sure I was taking good notes.  



Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 6

Ahh I was a little excited to find these seeds while deadheading my trailing petunia baskets. The story usually goes I check and check daily and the seed pods are not quite ready then the very next day the seeds are gone with the wind and I am left with an empty pod. Collected a good handful and I am set for the rest of the year!



Taken with iPhone 6

Taken with iPhone 6

One of our queen bees was a little camera shy this weekend. She is the long bee at the top of comb crawling over toward the other side. This weekend was one of the best hive inspections we have had because we were able to spot the queens in both hives. This made my husband excited because usually we can only find one queen at a time. This is our first attempt caring for bees. So far they are happy, healthy, and hard little workers! 

Love to see some of your weekend snapshots. Feel free to share below or post a link so we can check them out.  

Joy and hugs, 


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Clickin Moms Blog Circle l December - Putting Yourself in the Picture

Happy New Year! Hello 2014!

Proud to have completed my first blog circle with a such a talented group of fellow photographers from Clickin Moms. We are finishing the year with the prompt of putting yourself in the picture. Possibly one of the toughest. Most prompts thru the year provided an opportunity to practice technically and showcase creativity but this one challenged my comfort level in front of the camera. 

This prompt inspired me to pull out the seamless paper and background stand to attempt my own headshot. This is my favorite one from the set. Not so much a headshot but my fav none the less.


clean edit -3567.jpg

Not wanting to waste the first evening golden hour of 2014 headed outside for one more self portrait and someone joined in even if they do not look so happy about it in the picture. 

clean edit -3579.jpg

Memphis and I wish you a memorable new year full of love and happiness! Please continue the circle and check out the talented Kayla's self portraiture. 

Christmas lights at Denton Ridge

This year was our first time visiting Denton Ridge Christmas lights and we had a great time. Beautiful lights, live Nativity Scene, reindeer barn, and Santa of course! Can't leave out the carolers, singing Christmas carols around the piano while sipping hot chocolate and spiced cider. If it is chilly while visiting the Christmas village you can warm yourself by the fire and roast marshmallows. If you want to see over 50,000 Christmas lights grab your friends and family and make your way to Linden, NC. You will know you are close when you see the glow. 


clean edit bw-3073.jpg
clean edit -3081.jpg
clean edit bw-3077.jpg
clean edit -3087.jpg
clean edit bw-3067.jpg
clean edit -3089.jpg

Clickin Moms Blog Circle l November - Creating Drama with Light

The theme of our Clickin Moms Blog Circle this month is one that I looked forward to all year. I have a long list of lighting techniques I hope to try. While decorating for Christmas I decided I would mark one off the list by creating heart shaped bokeh. Can you see the hearts? 

My Christmas decorations are my favorite! I feel like they add a visual element of love and peace. 

Visual proof our tree is full of love! We pick up ornaments throughout the year from places we visit, celebrate milestones, and sometimes we create one or two.

Visual proof our tree is full of love! We pick up ornaments throughout the year from places we visit, celebrate milestones, and sometimes we create one or two.

A Santa musicbox my husband gave me our first Christmas together. Since then I have collected a few others but this one is still my favorite!

A Santa musicbox my husband gave me our first Christmas together. Since then I have collected a few others but this one is still my favorite!

Our tree is never complete without a bell or two or three.&nbsp;

Our tree is never complete without a bell or two or three. 

Please continue the blog circle for more inspiring photos from our talented group. Visit Barrett's Blog next. 

Donicia l SLHS Class of 2014 l Senior Representative

How lucky am I to get the opportunity to photograph Donicia? She is an amazing young lady and she rocked her senior session! 

Clean Edit-9751.jpg

As my first Senior Representative she set the bar pretty high. :) She is a beautiful and talented student. Honored for academics and selected as a member of the 2013 SLHS Homecoming Court. She enjoys running and is a member of the cross country team. Look out medical schools because her dream job is to become an ER Doctor.


Donicia wanted a urban backdrop for her session. We chose downtown Fayetteville. She and her mom got up early on a Saturday morning to start our adventure. With her outfits and a couple props in tow we set out to find the perfect places. 



Who knew our list of perfect spots would also include the train station which we used for breaks and outfit changes. 


Ready for some fun facts about Donicia?

Superpower of choice: Ability to fly

Favorite Superhero: Batman

Favorite snack: Chocolate chip granola bars



clean edit-9740.jpg

Just a couple more of Donicia's favorites.

Favorite teacher: Mr. Stull and Ms. Dumond

Favorite subject: Health Science

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite sports team: New Orleans Saints



clean edit-9892.jpg

Favorite magazine: Seventeen, Glamour, and Teen Vogue

Favorite app: Songza

And Donicia's favorite images:


clean edit-9857.jpg
clean edit-9856.jpg
clean edit-9862.jpg

Donicia loves to laugh and it shows! We had a ton of fun! Wishing Donicia a wonderful senior year. Enjoy every minute of it! 

Nicole and Benjamin l Fayetteville NC Engagement Session

I am always honored to document each couple's engagement but heartwarming is the best way I know to describe photographing your daughter and future son-in-law's engagement. :) Nikki and Ben are great together - I mean Nicole and Benjamin. They love to take pictures together and of course I love to take pictures of them so our stroll downtown Fayetteville was not cut short by the humidity. They both share the love of photography and came up with creative shots. This is a few of their favorites. Don't be surprised if there is a part 2 of the favorite shares. So excited for their upcoming wedding at the CCWP in the spring.

Clean Edit-1322 16x20 crop.jpg
Clean Edit-1343.jpg
Clean Edit-1217.jpg
Clean Edit-1408.jpg
Clean Edit-1305.jpg
Clean Edit-1396.jpg
Clean Edit-1204.jpg
Clean Edit-1311.jpg
Clean Edit-1453.jpg
Clean Edit-1104.jpg
Clean Edit-1380.jpg
Clean Edit-1414.jpg
Clean Edit-1477.jpg
Clean Edit-1471.jpg

Clickin Moms Blog Circle l August l Motion-blur l

Our Clickin Moms Blog Circle creative exercise for August is capturing motion-blur. A good excuse to make it out to the Moore County Fair to experiment. It is amazing how much bigger the fair seemed when I was a kid. :) Don't forget to head over to the talented Kayla Goode's blog to continue our circle. 

Clean Edit sharpen for web-2136.jpg
Clean Edit sharpen for web-2140.jpg
Clean Edit sharpen for web-2149.jpg

Clickin Moms Blog Circle l June l Shallow DOF l NC Lifestyle Photographer

If you have been following our Clickin Moms Blog Circle you know it is time to showcase our next assignment. :) June's assignment was Shallow Depth of Field (DOF). This is one of my personal favorite types of photographing a subject. It is a great way to showcase the details and showoff the beauty. Shallow DOF is also a wonderful tool to blur the distractions in a background that can take away from your subject. The blur surrounding your subject is called bokeh. Below is one example of shallow DOF and how it helps to define the subject of my photo. To see more examples of shallow DOF continue our blog circle and  check out the talented Kayla Goode's photos!Image

Clickin Moms Blog Circle l May l Beautiful Ugly l Family and Lifestyle Photographer

"Beautiful Ugly" is the theme of this month's Clickin Moms blog circle. I find joy in finding the beauty in things most people pass everyday without a second glance. Being able to capture the beautiful ugly is one aspect that draws me to photography. Sometimes beautiful ugly is finding the right light, finding the right perspective, and the right location. It is amazing how accomplished I feel when I carve out a few feet in my lens for the perfect shooting local in a location usually described as ugly. Check out my beautiful uglies below. The sunflowers are from my Mothers day bouquet and the rest came from a quick walk to the barn. Also please check out talented Kayla Goode's interpretation to continue with our blog circle.

DSC_0101icwm DSC_0108icwm DSC_0117icwb DSC_0120icwm DSC_9558icwm DSC_9579icwm

2014 Senior Representative Program l Jamie Loomis Photography l Cameron NC Lifestyle Photographer

2014 Senior Rep Program Card At Jamie Loomis Photography we offer our Senior Representatives a customizable incentive plan as well as a unique Senior session that highlights  their style and hobbies. 

As a Senior Representative you will receive:

  • 1-2 hour on location Senior Session
  • Accordian style Brag Book with photos from your session
  • Online Gallery to share with Family and Friends
  • $20.00 print / product credit for each paid referral. Referrals can be Senior or Family sessions.
  • Eligible for monthly incentives.
  • 25 personalized Representative cards granting 10% discount on sessions for your referrals.
  • Customized FB timeline cover photo.
  • Featured Blog post and more!

Current Class of 2014 Seniors interested in our program please contact us below. Please share this opportunity with fellow graduating Seniors!

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Clickin Moms Blog Circle l April: Shooting thru Glass l

Happy May Day! April was fast and furious but excited I managed to participate in our Clickin Moms Blog Circle creative exercise. After brainstorming several ideas I finally committed to a shoot idea. Hopefully before the year is out I will try a couple more. After checking out my fruit and bubbles shots below Please continue the circle and check out Kayla Goode's Shooting thru Glass project.DSC_9251ic DSC_9258ic DSC_9263ic