Clickin Moms Blog Circle/ February: Food Photography

Hard to believe March is already here. It is time for the next post as a part of the Clickin Moms blog circle. This month the theme is food photography and I am excited to share this journey with a group of talented photographers. Excited and anxious I attempted to step outside my comfort zone to focus on the photography of food. My first thoughts were can't wait for a subject that is perfectly still. :) But soon realized it offered its own challenges. While I am quick to share pictures of goodies on Instagram somehow pulling out the big camera was a little more intimidating. The foods I planned for the shoot were not colorful enough. Trying to shoot in the evening lighting was a challenge. I decided to venture out for some inspiration and willing subjects. Because I always have a camera in my hand I was not prepared for the camera shyness I felt in restaurants. Never noticed it whipping out the iPhone for a quick pic but the Nikon was a different story.  I was a little more comfortable shooting at the farmers market. Possibly because we were all in motion. This creative exercise sparked an interest and identified an opportunity for growth. Sharing a few of my favorite shots below. Let me know what you think. Also please continue the circle and visit Kayla Goode's blog and leave some love. DSC_5795ic DSC_5798ic DSC_5799ic DSC_5801ic DSC_5996ic DSC_8275ic