Clickin Moms Blog Circle l December - Putting Yourself in the Picture

Happy New Year! Hello 2014!

Proud to have completed my first blog circle with a such a talented group of fellow photographers from Clickin Moms. We are finishing the year with the prompt of putting yourself in the picture. Possibly one of the toughest. Most prompts thru the year provided an opportunity to practice technically and showcase creativity but this one challenged my comfort level in front of the camera. 

This prompt inspired me to pull out the seamless paper and background stand to attempt my own headshot. This is my favorite one from the set. Not so much a headshot but my fav none the less.


clean edit -3567.jpg

Not wanting to waste the first evening golden hour of 2014 headed outside for one more self portrait and someone joined in even if they do not look so happy about it in the picture. 

clean edit -3579.jpg

Memphis and I wish you a memorable new year full of love and happiness! Please continue the circle and check out the talented Kayla's self portraiture. 

Clickin Moms Blog Circle l November - Creating Drama with Light

The theme of our Clickin Moms Blog Circle this month is one that I looked forward to all year. I have a long list of lighting techniques I hope to try. While decorating for Christmas I decided I would mark one off the list by creating heart shaped bokeh. Can you see the hearts? 

My Christmas decorations are my favorite! I feel like they add a visual element of love and peace. 

Visual proof our tree is full of love! We pick up ornaments throughout the year from places we visit, celebrate milestones, and sometimes we create one or two.

Visual proof our tree is full of love! We pick up ornaments throughout the year from places we visit, celebrate milestones, and sometimes we create one or two.

A Santa musicbox my husband gave me our first Christmas together. Since then I have collected a few others but this one is still my favorite!

A Santa musicbox my husband gave me our first Christmas together. Since then I have collected a few others but this one is still my favorite!

Our tree is never complete without a bell or two or three. 

Our tree is never complete without a bell or two or three. 

Please continue the blog circle for more inspiring photos from our talented group. Visit Barrett's Blog next. 

Clickin Moms Blog Circle l August l Motion-blur l

Our Clickin Moms Blog Circle creative exercise for August is capturing motion-blur. A good excuse to make it out to the Moore County Fair to experiment. It is amazing how much bigger the fair seemed when I was a kid. :) Don't forget to head over to the talented Kayla Goode's blog to continue our circle. 

Clean Edit sharpen for web-2136.jpg
Clean Edit sharpen for web-2140.jpg
Clean Edit sharpen for web-2149.jpg

Clickin Moms Blog Circle l June l Shallow DOF l NC Lifestyle Photographer

If you have been following our Clickin Moms Blog Circle you know it is time to showcase our next assignment. :) June's assignment was Shallow Depth of Field (DOF). This is one of my personal favorite types of photographing a subject. It is a great way to showcase the details and showoff the beauty. Shallow DOF is also a wonderful tool to blur the distractions in a background that can take away from your subject. The blur surrounding your subject is called bokeh. Below is one example of shallow DOF and how it helps to define the subject of my photo. To see more examples of shallow DOF continue our blog circle and  check out the talented Kayla Goode's photos!Image

Clickin Moms Blog Circle l May l Beautiful Ugly l Family and Lifestyle Photographer

"Beautiful Ugly" is the theme of this month's Clickin Moms blog circle. I find joy in finding the beauty in things most people pass everyday without a second glance. Being able to capture the beautiful ugly is one aspect that draws me to photography. Sometimes beautiful ugly is finding the right light, finding the right perspective, and the right location. It is amazing how accomplished I feel when I carve out a few feet in my lens for the perfect shooting local in a location usually described as ugly. Check out my beautiful uglies below. The sunflowers are from my Mothers day bouquet and the rest came from a quick walk to the barn. Also please check out talented Kayla Goode's interpretation to continue with our blog circle.

DSC_0101icwm DSC_0108icwm DSC_0117icwb DSC_0120icwm DSC_9558icwm DSC_9579icwm

Clickin Moms Blog Circle/ March: Interesting Perspectives

Month 3 of our wonderful Blog circle! This month's creative exercise is a tough one. Possibly due to the endless variations to create interesting perspectives. My mind raced at the opportunity to create something well - interesting. Inconsistent weather and busy schedules left me walking around the last weekend searching for my shot. In sessions I use different angles, different depth of fields, and different poses to make each shot interesting. I applied these same rules to try to create some interesting perspectives of some ordinary stationary things that I see everyday. Using angles to change the background, DOF to isolate the subject, and experimenting with different focus points for a artistic feel. Please continue the circle and to see Barrett Klein's interesting perspective. DSC_7517ic DSC_8703ic



Clickin Moms Blog Circle/ February: Food Photography

Hard to believe March is already here. It is time for the next post as a part of the Clickin Moms blog circle. This month the theme is food photography and I am excited to share this journey with a group of talented photographers. Excited and anxious I attempted to step outside my comfort zone to focus on the photography of food. My first thoughts were can't wait for a subject that is perfectly still. :) But soon realized it offered its own challenges. While I am quick to share pictures of goodies on Instagram somehow pulling out the big camera was a little more intimidating. The foods I planned for the shoot were not colorful enough. Trying to shoot in the evening lighting was a challenge. I decided to venture out for some inspiration and willing subjects. Because I always have a camera in my hand I was not prepared for the camera shyness I felt in restaurants. Never noticed it whipping out the iPhone for a quick pic but the Nikon was a different story.  I was a little more comfortable shooting at the farmers market. Possibly because we were all in motion. This creative exercise sparked an interest and identified an opportunity for growth. Sharing a few of my favorite shots below. Let me know what you think. Also please continue the circle and visit Kayla Goode's blog and leave some love. DSC_5795ic DSC_5798ic DSC_5799ic DSC_5801ic DSC_5996ic DSC_8275ic

Clickin Moms Blog Circle/ January: Up Close Portraiture

I am so excited to be apart of my first blog circle with a wonderful and talented group of ladies from Clickin Moms forum! Each month we will each participate in a photography technique and share our photos via our blogs. Each of our blog posts will link you to the next photographer's post. We all get to enjoy the circle of inspirational photos! The theme for January is Up Close Portraiture. I love the emotion and detail captured by this type of shot. Every session I shoot I try to ensure I shoot at least one close up of each subject. These type of shots not only showcase the beauty of the eyes, smile, and dimples but also the mood. Photography is a superpower! :) It is amazing how a few pixels can share the drama, laughter, sorrow, or celebration. You can never be too close to these smiles!

Please check out Kayla Goode's blog post here for more inspirational goodness!

DSC_1474ic 8x10wm DSC_7310ic 8x10wm DSC_7312ic 8x10wm DSC_7313ic 8x10wm