May 2016 Goals


The start of a new month brings a new set of goals. Thought I would try something new and share them with you. And to be honest a little accountability never hurt anyone. Adding the goal posts to my blog is a gift to myself by documenting my little accomplishments.

May 2016 Goals  

  • Order new business cards for JLP

  • Order Chatbook for my favorite Instagram photos for 2015

  • Plan a date night with the hubby

  • Try one new clean eating recipe

  • Plant my herbs and coneflowers

  • Photograph one stylized shoot

  • Update website

  • Clean out my closet

  • Surprise a friend with something homemade

  • Start flower seeds in greenhouse

  • Start two new features on the blog

  • Visit a local business that is new to me

  • Reach my Fitbit goal daily

  • Read 1 new book for fun

A friend mentioned my goal list was more like a to do list. :) Each year instead of making a resolution I pick one word. One word is my mission for the whole year. This year my word was focus. As in focus on being a better person, entrepreneur, and artist. Each goal or "to do list" is a step closer to my mission. 

What is your goal for May? Share them below or post a link so I can take a peek. I would love to read them! 

Joy and Hugs,